The Struggle

In the shooting star, the mellow moon
In the befriending bower, the buoyant bloom
In the filial fervour, the distant dream
In the providential princess and a prospect pristine
I believed.


At once the voices rang, harangued, echoed
“You can’t, you shouldn’t”, they bellowed
Neither profit permits, nor nature negotiates
A slim probability, the world substantiates
I resisted.


In the sordid smiles, the promises poor
In the hollow hearts, the discourse drear
In the venomous visions, the ties tormenting
In the laborious love, the fissures fermenting
I conceded.


Filthiness persisted, the wronged peered through
Guilt and despair can privilege accrue
The statesmen sinister, the devouring dealer
Against the nefarious night, for a dawn dearer
I struggle


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